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With inlike, you can organize your workflows seamlessly with a purpose-built solution for real estate development, ensuring every project reaches its full potential.

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More than construction management

One platform to replace them all

inlike provides a cost-effective suite of tools to power your development from inception through post-development stages


Efficiently schedule and organize project timelines with intuitive calendar functionality, ensuring seamless coordination of tasks and milestones.


Streamline financial oversight by easily managing project expenses, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize resource allocation.


Centralized document storage simplifies access to critical project files, fostering collaboration and ensuring all stakeholders have the necessary information at their fingertips.

Task Management

Track and prioritize project tasks, enhancing productivity and enabling you to stay on top of project workflows effortlessly.


Generate insightful reports to gain a comprehensive overview of project progress and performance, empowering data-driven decision-making for optimal real estate development outcomes.


Facilitate effective team collaboration through integrated communication tools, ensuring clear and transparent information exchange among project stakeholders.

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