We are a team of builders.

Welcome to inlike, where innovation meets expertise in the dynamic world of real estate development. Founded by Dan Botero, a seasoned tech leader with experience in construction, and Reilly Catrambone, a UC Berkeley alum with deep-rooted connections to real estate development, inlike is on a mission to revolutionize project management for real estate developers.

Together, we are dedicated to providing a user-friendly and comprehensive project management platform. inlike empowers real estate developers to effortlessly manage multiple projects, streamline communication, track tasks, store files, and much more.

Founded company

Founded in September 2023, our mission is deeply rooted in a commitment to give back to an industry that has played a pivotal role in shaping our personal and professional journeys.

Completed Techstars Los Angeles

While participating in Techstars Los Angeles, inlike meticulously crafts a platform based on insights from extensive interviews with industry professionals.

Releasing Public Beta

Join inlike in shaping the future of real estate development, where your projects meet their full potential.

Our Team

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